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Withering Rooms is in Early Access on Steam.

While the game is playable start to finish, we need your help to make it the best horror RPG it can be!


Stuck on a puzzle? Can't find a certain object? Don't know how to progress? This page has hints and solutions if you need them:


E-mail Support

If you're having an issue, we can help! E-mail:

and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Discuss bugs

Bring up balance issues

Propose ideas for improvements

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Withering Rooms Discord Server

Get the Latest Version

Curious what's new, or if the bug you reported has been fixed yet?

Read Patch Notes

You can see the current version in the lower right of the title screen.

If the number doesn't match the latest version in the Patch Notes, you can try enabling High Priority Updates to make your Steam client update the game sooner:


Restarting Steam may force an update as well.

Report Bugs

You can report a bug at any time. Just hit / and send!

Absolutely no personal information whatsoever is included.

If you're having trouble sending it, you may need to accept a Windows Firewall prompt(that may be hiding under the game window).

If you want us to follow up with you please include your e-mail address or Discord username.

Bug Report

Save, Exit & Reload

If you're seemingly blocked or in a bad state...

Try exiting the game(which saves) and then continuing(which loads)!

1. Report a bug so we can investigate!

2. Choose Exit -> Return to Title from the Pause Menu

Bug Report

3. On the title screen, choose Continue

Your save is located here:
C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Moonless Formless\Withering Rooms


Withering Rooms rewards caution and adapting your playstyle to the situation. While it has action elements, this is not an action game! You don't need to be great at dodging or attacking if you're willing to switch tactics. If you try to apply the same approach to every room and encounter, the game will be much more difficult. Here are a few additional tips:

Peek and listen before entering rooms so you don't get surprised

The Spirit Twig can used extremely quickly and will get you out of almost any tricky spot

If an enemy is giving you trouble, sneak past it and try again once you're more powerful

Bringing up the inventory pauses the game, so use it to take a moment to think during a tense encounter

Keep an eye on your status effect build up in the upper right so you can apply the appropriate healing items early

If you're suffering from curse rot, a warding candle will eliminate that status effect immediately

Merchants sell most crafting materials, and refill their stock as you run out

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If the game is still too difficult for you after trying out different approaches, you can switch to the much easier Narrative difficulty setting in the Gameplay Options section of the Pause Menu.

Thank you!

As a tiny studio, there's no way we could make Withering Rooms the best game it could be without your bug reports and input. Thank you for supporting independent games and helping us make something special!