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The game is too dark!

You can turn up the brightness in the Graphics Options. Some areas are purposefully too dark to see in - find an Oil Lamp or other light source!

Is there a map?

Press the "Toggle Minimap" key - bound to Backtick/A/Cross by default. A full map can be found in the pause screen.

What do the question marks on the minimap mean?

The full map in the pause screen will explain each icon when hovering over a room. A question mark means there is treasure remaining in the room. If you've searched everywhere, file a bug with / as there may be an issue.

How do I not lose an item upon dying?

After you meet the Filthy Wretch early in Chapter 1, he'll teach you how to "remember" items so you don't lose them.

Can I find items I lost after I died?

You might try exploring when significantly cursed...

SolutionBecome highly cursed and look for treasure chests that have black goop stuck to them. These contain items you've lost in previous nights.
How do I not lose my coins upon dying?

There are permanent Coin Purses distributed throughout the game which will let you keep an additional 10 coins each. For hints on where to find them, look at the Coin Purses in Chapter X questions below.

How do I level up?

After entering the basement, you'll want to head to the Wine Room.

Where can I find a certain organ/offering I'm missing to level up?

If you're reached the First Witch in the basement, she gives you a Hunting Guide you can refer to in the notes section to help find offerings.

The Bestiary lists the organ/offering dropped from any enemy you've killed.

Rescuing Felix & Horace from Storage may help.

Where can I find a Cursed Sentinel Candle?

The Hunting Guide indicates you can only find it when extremely cursed.

SolutionBecome more than 80 cursed(you may need to use rings if you have not leveled Warding), and then go to the Hallway or Basement. An extremely cursed creature will spawn from the floor that drops the Cursed Sentinel Candle. Alternatively, some later game bosses will drop it.
How do I kill ghosts?

Spirits can only be captured with a camera. See "Finding the 'Man in the Mirror'" for details on how to obtain one.

Is there fast travel?


SolutionFollow the "Finding the 'Man in the Mirror'" quest.
Can I sell items?


SolutionFollow the "Finding the 'Man in the Mirror'" quest.
How do I open a chest with a glowing sigil on it?

All enemies in the room must be defeated, and then the sigil will disappear.

How do I heal Necrosis?

You must start a new night, for instance by paying to sleep in a coffin or dying.

Can I upgrade the Organ Chambers?

Yes, starting in Chapter 3 you can upgrade the Organ Chamber to level up additional times. See the Chapter sections for details.

Chapter 1
Finding the Filthy Wretch
Look for a large, gold treasure chest in one of the bedrooms.
A hint for the combination can be found in the same room.

SolutionFind a large, gold treasure chest in one of the bedrooms.
The combination is randomized, but the hint always has three occupations:
There were X (job 1), Y (job 2) and Z (job 3).
Follow the story, and determine how many X, Y, and Z remain after. The combination is XYZ.
After opening the chest and receiving the key, find a locked door in the hallway.
Obtaining an Oil Lamp

Once you receive the East Stairwell Key from the Filthy Wretch, head outdoors and talk to someone staring at a wall.

SolutionHead to the Rear House Entrance and talk to the Vicar at the far right. He'll want a Corrupted Heart. You can get one by killing one of the larger zombies, such as the one in the Training Room or one of the sheet covered bestial zombies in either the Bathroom or Guest Bedroom.
Turning on the Basement Lights

The gas pipe in the Boiler Room is locked with a number combination. A hint in the same room explains how to find the numbers.

SolutionThe numbers are randomly generated, and written on the walls of three basement rooms in large white ink. The rooms are always the Boiler Room and two of the Servants' Quarters basement bedrooms. The combination is always the numbers in the order of the rooms where they can be found left to right on your map(west to east).
Felix & Horace Cage Key in StorageFelix mentions the key is somewhere smelly and disgusting. The basement is disgusting in general, but is there one place in the basement that's even more disgusting?
SolutionThe key is in the Basement Bathroom in the toilet. You may want to draw the enemies in the bathroom out with something loud like a Firework first.
Finding the 'Man in the Mirror'The Vicar indicates the man in the mirror can only be met while extremely cursed...
SolutionBecome extremely cursed, and find a mirror in the mansion. Uncover the mirror, and a portal will appear.
Navigating the Hedge MazeThere's a shopping list in the first area of the hedge maze. It seems to have a lot of items that deal with cursedness...
SolutionBecome extremely cursed to see hidden pathways with a glowing eye sigil above them. If you have it already, the Perception Ring will reduce the amount of cursedness you need. Follow the hidden pathways - ignore any pathways without the glowing eye sigil. Use Warding Candles to keep yourself from developing Curse Rot, but you'll need to remain cursed to make progress.
Finding an Enchant Spell

Reach Level 5 with the First Witch to unlock the ability to craft one, or search the Hedge Maze - some coffins contain pre-made spells.

Mostyn Masoleum Puzzle
"The son studied every letter of his family's Latin inscriptions.
Father: Two precious children in his heart.
Sister: Four corners of the world to explore with her family.
Mother: Six days a week caring for the rest, and one day to honor God.
Truly, the family is divine."

Take a look at the latin phrases inscribed on each family member's sarcophagus around the room. Then look at the phrase next to each family member's name in the hint, i.e. Father: Two precious children in his heart.
SolutionTaking letter #2 from the father's inscription, letter #4 from the sister's, and letter #6 from the mother's, we get:
Coin Purses in Chapter 1

Storage, Hedge Maze(randomly somewhere in the middle, off the main path)

Chapter 2
Observatory Puzzle
Take a look at the telescope, and take a look at the hint with the grid in the room. The hint mentions something about star counts.
SolutionThe solution is randomly generated. The grid in the hint can be numbered 1-10 from the bottom left. Move the telescope until it reaches the appropriate numbers for the grid spot marked with the roman numeral I. Count the number of stars that can be seen - that is the first number for the combination. Then move to the grid spot for roman numeral II and count the stars, and finally III and count the stars. Enter the 3 star counts into the gold chest. If some stars are partially obscured, you may need to try the count with and without them.
Escaping the Observatory
There is a mirror in the room.
SolutionBecome extremely cursed. You can complete the Observatory Puzzle to get Robert's Ring if you have no other way to curse yourself. Then enter the portal in the mirror.
Avoiding Bear Traps
Roll over them(dodge while running).
Using the Valve (Wheel) Compartments
You'll need a friend to open them. Check the Doll Room in the Attic.
SolutionGo to the Doll Room in the Attic, and use a green Enchant Spell to enchant the Doll. The Doll will automatically open these compartments for you, allowing you to grab what's inside.
Unlocking the Stairwells
In the Upper West Stairwell, search the dead Big Wretch near the window for a key.
Finding an Initiate Grimoire
There is a Valve Compartment in the First Witch's room.
SolutionEnchant the doll in the Doll Room, bring the doll to the First Witch's room in the Upper Balcony, and they will automatically turn the wheel for you.
Exploring Robert's Room
There is a valve in this room.
SolutionEnchant the doll in the Doll Room, bring the doll to Robert Blackett's room in the Upper Balcony, and they will automatically turn the wheel for you. Step inside the compartment next to the Valve to be taken to Robert Blackett's secret room.
Finding Organ Grease
There's a curious painting in the Upper Balcony...
SolutionFind a door shaped painting in the Upper Balcony. Become extremely cursed, and it will reveal itself to be a door. Inside, you can use the Organ Furnace to process organs into Organ Grease.
Organ Puzzle
A star grid again? Where have we seen those before?
SolutionFollowing the same logic as the Observatory puzzle, take the grid hint and count the stars. Each star count then becomes a note - i.e. a count of 3 would be the third note on the organ's keys. Play the keys in order to unlock the secret compartment.
Finding and Using the Door Handle
Robert Blackett's secret room has the Door Handle, which fits a mysterious door without a handle in the basement.
SolutionComplete the Exploring Robert's Room and Organ Puzzle hints. The Organ Puzzle rewards you the door handle. Take it to the red door in the basement which is missing a handle.
Where is the Entrance Hall?
The Entrance Hall can be reached from the left door of the West Stairwell.
Entrance Hall Key
The key can be found in Robert Blackett's secret room - see "Exploring Robert's Room".
Binding Spell for the Entrance Hall
The First Witch holds the binding spell.
SolutionFind the First Witch in the Upper Banquet Hall and attempt to walk past her or bug her repeatedly to initate a battle. Defeat her to obtain the binding spell.
Finding Tomos the Merchant
It always pays to revisit areas you explored in Chapter 1.
SolutionVisit the Kitchen in Chapter 2 to find Tomos.
Gatehouse Puzzle
Try using your camera.
SolutionUse your camera to take pictures of the cursed mirrors, which reveal strange symbols. The number of sides of the shape indicates the number, and the number of dots indicates which of the 3 combination digits this represents. Take pictures of all three mirrors, count the sides of the shapes, and then enter them into the gold puzzle chest for your reward.
Ending Chapter 2
How can you get down the fireplace of the Entrance Hall?
SolutionExplore Robert Blackett's secret room to obtain the Entrance Hall key. Defeat the First Witch to obtain the binding spell. Use the binding spell on the creature in the Entrance Hall and defeat it. Finally, interact with the fireplace in the Entrance Hall.
Coin Purses in Chapter 2

Attic room (random), Gatehouse Office

Byzantine Labyrinth
Reaching the Byzantine Labyrinth
See the "Finding and Using the Door Handle" hint in Chapter 2 or Chapter 3/4. There is another way however...
SolutionIn Chapter 3 or 4, see "Solving the Cave Puzzle".
Reaching the Fetid Hag
She's locked up in the jail.
SolutionHead to the Labyrinth Jail on the middle level of the Labyrinth. Bring 5 Ancient Blood, and activate the skull shrine in the room. The Fetid Hag can be found in one of the cells.
Labyrinth Market Key
You can purchase this key from the Fetid Hag... or...
SolutionIn Chapter 3 or 4, enter the Labyrinth via the Cave to find a free key. See "Solving the Cave Puzzle" for help.
Improving Random Rings
If you want to strengthen the blessings and weaken the curses of a random ring you found in the Labyrinth, find Eira the Finger Merchant(see "Reaching Eira the Finger Merchant").
Reaching Eira the Finger Merchant
Eira is in one of the buildings along Labyrinth Market Street. If you need the key, see "Labyrinth Market Key".
Speaking the Words at the Night Mother Temple
See "Night Mother Quest and Night Mother's Instruments" in Chapter 3/4.
Coin Purses in Byzantine Labyrinth

Market Street room (random), Labyrinth Jail cell (random)

Arcane Salts in Byzantine Labyrinth

Labyrinth Middle Layer Room (random)

Upgrading the Labyrinth Organ Chamber
Find the Labyrinth Organ Chamber Upgrade schematic in the Western Cave area of Chapter 3/4.

Chapter 3/4
Upgrading the Organ Chamber
Purchase the Organ Chamber Upgrade schematic from Grumio in Nowhere.
Broken Shotgun
Look in the basement.
SolutionIn a random room in the basement, you'll find a dead Big Wretch which will be holding the shotgun.
Spectral Remains
You need to find a ghost and take a picture of it. Check the attic.
SolutionIf you're having trouble taking a picture of a ghost, the Crazed Butcher Surgeon in the East Attic Stairwell will hunt one down for a fee.
Finding Tomos the Merchant
Tomos can be found in the front garden just outside the Entrance Hall. If you didn't purchase the Front Door Key in Chapter 2, you may need to find a different way to reach the front garden.
SolutionIf you didn't purchase the Front Door Key in Chapter 2, you'll need to head to the Upper West Stairwell and out onto the roof.
Finding and Using the Door Handle
A witch in the basement may be of use to find a Door Handle to the red door in the basement if you don't already have it.
SolutionIf you save Josette's life by not giving her the Eviction Letter, she'll give you the Door Handle if you don't already have it. If Josette is dead, Tomos in the front garden near the Entrance Hall will sell it to you. Use the handle on the red door in the basement.
Cursed Grimoire
Check the attic.
SolutionThe Cursed Grimoire is clutched by a witch surrounded by cursed sludge in a random room in the attic.
Finding the Arena
Head left as far as you can past the front garden beyond the Entrance Hall.
Finding a Mirror Near the Valley
From the Crossroads, head down to the valley and then right. There is a dark cottage with a mirror inside it.
Entering the King of the Valley's Tower
You need 5 village tokens, which can be looted off enemies and found as treasure inside of the cottages.
Creating Black Wax
You need to obtain the Cursed Grimoire, see "Cursed Grimoire", and then you can craft Black Wax at an Occult Wax Table.
Solving the Cave Puzzle
First you'll need to defeat the enemies in the room to gain the Labyrinth Market Key if you don't already have it. Then you'll need to solve the puzzle. You can activate Iron Maidens by hiding inside them and pressing the Interact button to close them on yourself.
SolutionActivate all of the Iron Maidens in the room. Three of them will have glowing sigils indicating the combination. The number of dots represents which part of the combination the sigil is for, and the number of sides to the polygon represents the number to use for that slot.
After Defeating the Church Boss
There is a little door under the altar on the right side of the main church room that you can now go through.
Reaching the Cholera ClinicStart the Night Mother Quest. See Night Mother: Starting the Night Mother Quest and Night Mother: Using the Night Mother's Disciple Book.
Cholera Clinic: Jumping PuzzleTake note of the number of corpses on both sides with each jump. Read the Disciple's Path clue, found in the Examination Room. You'll need to keep track of the number of corpses on the side you didn't pick for the first 2 jumps to properly make the last 2 jumps.
SolutionThe number of corpses is random.

1. The Night Mother speaks to many. (pick larger number)
2. But only a few will follow. (pick smaller number)
3. Shun those who ignored her message. (avoid the larger number from 2)
4. Pursue those she did not speak to. (pick the smaller number from 1)

For example, suppose the number of corpses went like this:

1. Left: 3, Right: 5 - choose Right
2. Left: 2: Right: 7 - choose Left
3. Left: 6, Right: 7 - choose Left (avoiding the larger number from 2)
4. Left: 4, Right: 3 - choose Right (picking the smaller number from 1)
Cholera Clinic: Seance PuzzleBecome cursed or put on a Perception Ring. Play the wax cylinder recording. Note the numbers. Play the piano.
SolutionBecome cursed or put on a Perception Ring.
Play the wax cylinder recording in the room by interacting with it.
Each time a ghost appears at the center of the table when a number is spoken, write it down.
There are 3 numbers in total.
At the piano, play these 3 numbers. For instance, the first piano key corresponds to 1, the second to 2, etc.
Night Mother Quest and Night Mother's Instruments
Night Mother: Starting the Night Mother QuestTake a look at the roof, accessible from the Upper West Stairwell.
SolutionDefeat the boss on the roof to obtain the Night Mother's Disciple Book.
Night Mother: Using the Night Mother's Disciple BookThe Night Mother Temple can be found in one of the poison rooms at the very bottom of the Labyrinth. One of the statues holds a mirror, and you can interact with it.
Night Mother: Night Mother's RingIn Chapter 2, solve the Gatehouse puzzle. In Chapter 3 & 4, purchase from Tomos.
Night Mother: Night Mother's DollDefeat all of the enemies in the Upper Balcony and open the chest.
Night Mother: Night Mother's AmuletDefeat all of the enemies in the cemetery far to the west of Mostyn House and open the chest.
Night Mother: Night Mother Disciple OutfitCan be found in the Cave in the valley.
Night Mother: Finishing the QuestYou must defeat the final boss in Chapter 4, and then return to Lara.
Coin Purses in Chapter 3/4

Attic room (random), Entrance Hall, Cottage (random), Cholera Clinic Wine Cellar

Weapon Upgrade Kits in Chapter 3/4

Upper Banquet Hall, Cholera Clinic Flesh Hallway, Prize Wheel in the Village Pub, Defeat Sothach & Baw

Arcane Salts in Chapter 3/4

Attic room (random), Prize Wheel in the Village Pub, Defeat Sothach & Baw, Western Cave Area

Chapter 4
Upgrading the Organ Chamber Again
Find the Advanced Organ Chamber Upgrade in the church passage to the Blood Tower.
Elevator Key
The Jailkeepers with the big metal heads drop the key upon death.
Dining Hall Invitation
Defeat the boss in the baths on the First Floor.
Appropriate Attire
Find the Bloody Elegant Dress in a chest somewhere on the Second Floor.
Dining Hall Puzzle
There's an eerie painting of Robert Blackett on the wall...
SolutionInspect the painting of Robert Blackett. Press the Fourth Button, and then Second Button. Enter the cage.
Second Floor Secret Passage Puzzle
The moons visible through the peepholes are each in a different phase...
SolutionThere are 3 peepholes. Each peephole shows a moon. The first letter of the name displayed when peeping represents one letter used in the combination. The phase of the moon, from new to full, indicates the position of that letter. For instance, a full moon and Balor indicates the 3rd letter of the combination is B.
Coin Purses in Chapter 4

Church room (random), Blood Tower First Floor room (random)

Weapon Upgrade Kits in Chapter 4

Blood Tower Second Floor room (random), Blood Tower Church Passage

Arcane Salts in Chapter 4

Blood Tower First Floor Hall

New Game +
Starting the New Game+ Quest
There's a strange set of eyes in the West Basement Stairwell...
Finding Starry Flesh
Starry Flesh can be obtained by defeating the Angel enemies that appear only in New Game+. One can be found where the Vicar used to be in Chapter 1.
Weapon Upgrade Kits in NG+

Bedroom (random, Chapter 3), Old Cemetery (Chapter 3), Cholera Clinic Hallway (Chapter 3), Blood Tower Farm Hall (Chapter 4)

Arcane Salts in NG+

Anne's Respite (Chapter 1/2), Attic Storage (Chapter 1/2), Night Mother Cottage (Chapter 3), Upper Labyrinth Room (random)

More hints will be added over time. Please reach out if you're stuck!